The Family Perspective

A focus group with families and youth asked the question: “What are some examples of things that your family advocate has done to help you?” The answers are below:

  1. Navigating the IEP.
  2. Support Group connections.
  3. Sharing my story to help others is empowering.
  4. Having someone you can trust to talk to, having someone who will help you solve problems with the system.
  5. Gone to court with me.
  6. Multiple systems working together.
  7. An advocate will do what they can in the moment and in the future to help you solve your problem.
  8. Helped me and my son get on our feet, even helping find furniture and dishes.
  9. Helped me understand the court process and made it not so scary.
  10. Helped find location of meetings.
  11. Helped with parenting classes.