Video on Family Professional Partnerships

“Building Trusting Relationships”

In collaboration with the Building Bridges Grant funded by the US Department of Education, Barbara Huff participated in a training DVD, which emphasizes the importance of building a trusting relationship through a parent/professional partnership. The DVD focuses on an ole adage “treat others as we would wish to be treated”. To create a positive outcome a collaborative effort is the core ingredient. That effort must be collaborative with organizations, agencies, families, and constituents who share the same values.  In formulating a relationship, it is like any other collaborative effort it is finding common ground for the good of the group. The theme must resonate with all involved and they must be committed to creating an opportunity for a win-win situation. The individuals that you forge that relationship with must feel that it is a trusting relationship and that it goes both ways. You must always anticipate conflict and strive for a better way to do the business, which suggests, we must simply work in a partnership that allows the professional to maintain a standard of excellence while achieving a positive outcome for the family.

Barbara Huff

Barbara is currently working part time as a consultant for Huff Osher Consulting Inc. and also serving as a part time Technical Assistance Specialist for the Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign.  She was one of the founders and the first president and first Executive Director of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. After serving as the Federation’s Executive Director for more than twelve years, Barbara transitioned to a staff position at the organization.  During her tenure she has helped develop more than 120 family – run organizations across the country, resulting in more families at important decision making tables; new family leadership; and important policy changes resulting from the family movement.